#20 – Galaxy Force II

I don’t think the force is with me on this one….


Guilty Party – Retro Redress

Crime – Never playing Galaxy Force II

Redress – Spend an hour playing Galaxy Force II.

I’ve owned various Sega systems and compilations over the years and they all have one thing in common – I don’t play Galaxy Force on them. I’ve owned Galaxy Force II a few times, but I’ve never played it for more than five minutes.

Well, you know what that means? Like Columns and Space Harrier II, we need to dedicate an hour to Galaxy Force II. Let;s do this…

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#19 – Resogun

The man with the golden (reso)gun…

Guilty Party – Retro Redress

Crime – Being utterly useless at shoot-em-ups (Part #1)

Redress – Play Resogun and try to get past Level Four.

I love shoot-em-ups. I’m not sure why, but just being able to fly through space shooting aliens and monsters is pretty awesome. I love the game names and art too, such unique designs.

Here is the kicker though…I’m terrible at shoot-em-ups. As much as I try, I just can’t get more than a few screens into them. For example, I love R-Type. I play it at every opportunity I can get. However, in twenty eight years of trying, I’ve never got off the first level. Never. Same with all shooters….love playing them, but can’t see most of the game because I’m terrible at it.

One of my goals with Retro Redress was to play more shoot-em-ups and get better at them…and I can’t think of a better place to start than Resogun…

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It’ll be Christmas soon….

Yeah, so I didn’t get another PS4 redress posted. Sue me…all I’ve got is a couple of cats who have decided that my PS4 is a good place to try and sleep….

I’m kidding really. I adore my cats and the reason I didn’t get another PS4 redress posted was because I spent my blogging time playing football with them. They won….

October is an odd month for me, as I’m off to Las Vegas for a week on the 9th. So rather than try and work around another theme or try and rush posts out (ala Until Dawn. Good game, but it completely messed up my sleep pattern. I blame Mike), I’m going to use October to catch up on all the games that fell through the cracks during my Sega Holiday (due to lack of internet) and Sony September (due to illness/tiredness/settling cats in).

So, please join me for a month of PS4 and Mega Drive leftovers…like last night’s tea heated up the next day – still tasty and familiar. Plus, there will be some Well-Red Mage reviews too….

#18 – Until Dawn (Part Three)

Violence! Betrayal! Cats?


Part 1 and Part 2, if you want to catch up…

I’ve had a few days away from Until Dawn and I’ve been thinking about how I feel about the game. So far, I think this redress is going well. I’m enjoying the game and it’s not scaring me too much. If anything, Until Dawn is making me wish I’d played more scary games in the past.

Let’s get back to it….

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#18 – Until Dawn (Part One)

Until Dawn does what?


Guilty Party – Retro Redress

Crime – avoiding scary games

Redress – stop being a wuss and play Until Dawn

For someone who enjoys quite violent video games, I’m actually a bit of a coward. I haven’t played a survival horror game beyond Resident Evil and even then I had the lights on…during the day.

So when Until Dawn was released via the improving PSN Monthly games, I resolved to play it. Regardless of how scary it gets, I’m going to play through the story and document it here, like the Blair Witch Project but on a slightly higher budget.

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