#24 – Grand Theft Auto III (Part 2)

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After taking Friday night off (I caught up on the Kota Ibushi/Kenny Omega reunion over some ice cream), I went back to Liberty City. I’m determined to beat GTA III and I think I know how to do it – be methodical. I’m going to work through the missions logically and not get drawn into any silly stuff, like police chases and random fights.

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#24 – Grand Theft Auto 3 (Part 1)

Welcome (back) to Liberty City….

Guilty Party – Retro Redress

Crime – failing to progress beyond the first island despite owning GTA III four times over 16 years.

Redress – play and complete the damn thing, to stop myself ever buying it again.

So here it is…the first big test for Retro Redress….

When I started doing this blog, GTA III was one of the games I had in mind. I alluded to it during the 30 Day Video Game Challenge – it’s a game that I have had ample time and opportunity to complete and I’ve failed each and every time.

However, I’m ready now. I’m prepared and I’m dedicated. I’ve given myself a month to defeat this game and finally mark it off my backlog. GTA III has been on my backlog before I even knew what a backlog was…that’s how long it’s been on my mind for.

So let’s do this….I’m playing the PS2 Classic version on the PS4. I still own the Steam version on PC, but it’s not the most stable and, even though I’m using a PS4 pad on the PC, the controls don’t quite feel right.

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Hi all

Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone – I hope everyone had a good night and is ready for 2018!

Secondly, thanks for all the feedback and responses to the three blogger challenges I undertook. The 30 Day Video Game Challenge, Charming and Open and The Creative Christmas Collaboration were a lot of fun to take part in. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone else’s responses too, though I’ve still got some catching up to do!

Answering the questions and getting ready for Christmas/New Year meant I didn’t play any games though, apart from the underappreciated Golden Axe III.

It’s a new year now and it’s time to play some games. I started this blog in March just to test the water. I wanted to see if I could set up a blog on WordPress and blog about games. I wasn’t concerned about views or presentation really – I just wanted to see if it was possible.

Looking back on 2017, I’ve come to the conclusion that, not only is it possible for me to blog about games, but it’s been a positive experience for me too. I’ve really enjoyed the past nine months though. I worried about interacting with the internet and putting myself ‘out there’ so to speak, but it’s been nothing but great so far. So my resolution for this blog for 2018 is simple;

Keep interacting and blogging about games, but do it more often and better.

It’s not the catchiest mission statement ever, is it? However, it’s what I’m setting out to do in 2018. I want to play more games and write about them and chat to people (not just about games either!) However I want to write more frequently and improve on what I’ve done previously. That’s my aim for 2018 – I’ll need to be more focused, be more prepared and work as hard as I can to achieve that goal.

I do have a goal list of things I want to achieve with Retro Redress. I’m going to keep coming back to this list throughout the year, to see if I stuck to these goals.

1 – Complete an RPG – I’ve completely neglected this genre over the years…time to put that right!

2 – Start on the list of games that inspired Retro Redress – sure, they are lots of games that I need to complete…but there are some that I have to complete. Games that are legendary all time greats that I’ve never played. Games that are considered the best of all time that I’ve ignored. I consider these games an elite class of game and I need to beat them on my adventures to truly say i made the most of this blog.

3 – Start some sports game careers – I’m obsessed with sports game career modes, a la ‘Be A Legend’ on Pro Evolution Soccer. It’s my dream to beat a few of these and it might satisfy my sports game cravings too! Obviously, these will take some time, but if you want some thing, you will need to work at it…not matter how long it takes.

Anyway, thank you for reading…it’s always appreciated!

30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 30

30 – Favourite game ever?

A tough one this…but there is only game that I’ve been chasing the same high from for years.

30 day challenge 10

As I wrote on Day 10 of this 30 Day Challenge, I loved Pro Evolution Soccer 4 so much, I’ve played nearly every Pro Evolution Soccer game since, trying to recapture the highs I got from that game. Now I think about it, it’s been a disappointment…no Pro Evo has ever come close.

Why is that? I think Pro Evo 4 had a few things going for it. Firstly, we had a great option file, which gave us all the correct teams from the off. To a Pro Evo fan, this was like nirvana – we were used to awful ‘fake teams’, so to have all the correct details was amazing!

Secondly, I think Pro Evo had some of the best attacking play of any football game ever. It felt really open, like the balance of play could switch in an instance. A simple throw in could lead to a break away, if the defence wasn’t paying attention. Yet it wasn’t too ‘arcadey’ – you could defend effectively, you just needed to pay attention.

Thirdly. the controls were out of this world. This was before player animations would become a big issue in football games, there were no problems with asking a player to do something then watching him follow a pre-designed routine while you were effectively a man down. Your players did what was required, when required…within their limitations.

…and that was the biggest thing for me. Each player felt like an individual player. One of my biggest criticisms of FIFA (and latter day PES) is that players all feel like they play the same, with a bit of variety in speed. In Pro Evo 4, everyone was different, You had your huge central defenders like Hayden Foxe, who were tall, unbeatable in the air but weak on the ball and painfully slow. You had strikers like Michael Owen, weak but fast with great finishing.

Thanks to Pro Evo 4’s newest gameplay feature, players now improved and decline with age. You could watch that average winger become an incredible crosser of a ball, just by training him on crossing and giving him game time…even 10 minutes a game! You could see legends decline and fall to the bench…still capable of ‘putting a shift in’ but not capable of running the show anymore.

Maybe I’m looking through the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia…but it’s better than nothing!

That’s the last entry in the 30 Day Video Game Challenge series. If you’ve read through all these entries, then thank you! I’ve enjoyed reminiscing about my gaming life while answering some tough questions and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my posts!

If you’re a blogger and haven’t taken on this challenge, I recommend you do – it’s a lot of fun and it really makes you think about the games and consoles you’ve played before!

 I’ll see you in 2018…I’ve still got quite a lot of games to play through…

Creative Christmas Day 11: Gaming Resolution for 2018?

🤞   31 December 2017:   Midnight eventually rolls around, which means it’s now time to pick a New Year gaming resolution to see you through the next 12 months. What’s your choice for 2018?

I’ve got a gaming resolution I want to succeed with in 2018 – simply put, I want to play and complete an RPG. Not an action RPG like Fallout, but a proper RPG.

Creative Christmas Day 11

I reckon, if you don’t count Fallout, that I’ve only played two RPG’s in my entire life – Atari ST classic Dungeon Master and Fire Emblem Awakenings on the 3DS. I’ll be honest too – my playthrough of Fire Emblem was on an easier difficulty level with characters returning from the dead. Basically, it was a lame playthrough by a lame RPG player.

In 2018 I’m going to break the habit of a lifetime and sit down with an RPG. I’d love to hear some suggestions – I have the Steam Genesis classics, any early Mega Drive RPG’s that might be a good starting point?


30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 25

25 – A game you plan on playing?

I don’t like to give away what games I’m going to play for Retro Redress (I have a theory that people like to be surprised) but there is one game that I am definitely going to play next year, a wrong I definitely need to put right…

30 day challenge 25

I’ve owned GTA III four times and never got off the first island.  I first got it with my PS2 for my 18th, hammered it for two weeks then stopped playing it, never to return. I can’t explain why – I was enjoying GTA III, I reckon I must have got stuck.

Years later, I bought GTA III on my mobile phone. I was surprised it worked, walked around the streets for twenty minutes then stopped playing, never to return.

New Years Day 2016, I bought the GTA Trilogy in a sale and ignored it for a while. I finally fired up GTA III earlier this year and got stuck on the final mission on the first island. I then stopped playing GTA III never to return.

To be honest, the frame rate issues my laptop was struggling with kinda put me off too. So I purchased the GTA Trilogy again on my PS4 in the spring.

I have a list of games that Retro Redress was specifically set up for. Sure, there are lots of games that I need to play…but there is a list of games that HAVE to be played. GTA III is on that list and I intend to beat it next year…fourth time lucky I hope….