Creative Christmas Day 9: What’s the best video game to play during the holidays?

🎮   29 December 2017:   The presents have been opened and dinner has been eaten, so you’ve got a bit of time for gaming while Gran is snoozing on the sofa. What’s the best video game to play during the holidays?

A great question! I’m not someone who has a go-to game at Christmas – I pretty much just start playing what games I got for Christmas that year.

Creative Christmas Day 9

Having said that, I doubt you can go wrong with Mario Kart! I got Double Dash one Christmas and loved it. I like Mario Kart – it’s always a light hearted game, but it does require some skill. Plus, if there are still folks around after Christmas dinner, then that might be the perfect time for some multiplayer!



30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 6

Day 6: Most annoying character?

30 Day Challenge 6

I hate Donkey Kong with a passion. His sole reason for existing seems to be to stop me succeeding at Mario Kart. Whatever version of Mario Kart I play, from Mario Kart Super Circuit to Mario Kart 8, the big lump seems to go out of his way to take me out of the race. I’ve vowed to never play any other Donkey Kong game due to his vendetta against me.

When he’s not slamming into me on tight corners, Donkey Kong is launching bananas about with no regard for his own safety, speeding past me via A.I. rubber banding or just  taking my item boxes.

Yet…Mario Kart would be poorer without Donkey Kong. For sheer entertainment value, fighting with Donkey Kong has led to many classic games of Mario Kart. Plus, everyone needs an enemy and I’m no different…and if a cartoon monkey who attacks me during kart races is my worst enemy, I’m probably not doing too badly….