Golden Axe III (1993)

Before I get into Breath Of The Wild again, I decided to finish up a bit of Mage work by completing my trilogy of reviews on the Mega Drive Golden Axe games.

I like Golden Axe and think it’s better than given credit for. Hopefully, my review can change some minds….

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“After all, even the wool of a black sheep is just as warm”
-Ernest Lehman

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The tale of Golden Axe III was told as a tragedy for many years; this game was seen as the final nail in the coffin of a once great franchise. Golden Axe III was the black sheep of the Golden Axe family – you had the much loved original,the lazy sequel, the mysterious arcade sibling… then the oddity. The game that no one knew a great deal about, apart from it’s inaccessibility. How did the Golden Axe series get from widespread acclaim to quiet banishment in the space of five years?


By 1993, the side-scrolling beat ’em up genre had seen better days. Despite the excellent Streets Of Rage 2 coming out at the start of 1993, the genre was…

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#14 – Golden Axe II

Guilty Party – Golden Axe 2

Crime – being one of the most disappointing sequels of all time

Redress – Golden Axe II is to be given a second chance to see if it really is a disappointment

The next game on my Sega Holiday list is Golden Axe II, which in my opinion is a big disappointment and a pale shadow of the original Golden Axe. From what I’ve seen online, people seem to really like Golden Axe II and see it as the best of the series…but I completely disagree. I’m not saying Golden Axe II is an awful game (it’s not) or that the original Golden Axe is perfect (it’s not), but in my eyes, Golden Axe II is no improvement on the original. I will go further than that bold statement – I actually prefer Golden Axe III, the black sheep of the family, to Golden Axe II. However, let’s give Golden Axe II a second chance – it’s my holidays and I’m feeling charitable…

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