30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 18

18: Favourite Protagonist?

Like yesterday’s question, I struggled with this question…until I thought about it differently…

My favourite gaming protagonists aren’t the heroes of games, it’s the people who play as those heroes. It’s the great community on WordPress who discuss games in a variety of ways. It’s the peeps on Twitter who show off their awesome gaming collections.

See, IPs come and go. It’s the people who play the games that inspire me. People who keep showing me new games. People who inspire me by taking on crazy gaming challenges. People who arrange massive discussions on games and host great events.

Discussing and preserving gaming history is pretty important to me and that’s the big quest we’re all on. Ultimately, we’re all in this together. I’ve had a blast doing this since I started in March…

A few shout outs…

Dylan at Sega Does – gave me a chance to write for his site when many probably wouldn’t (to be fair, my only qualification is a love of 8bit/16bit Sega games) which ultimately led me to writing myself. So he’s kinda to blame, if you’re wondering…

The Well-Red Mage – Another person kind enough to let me write for his site and always up for great gaming discussions!

Kim at The Later Levels – I’ve really enjoyed chatting to members of the WordPress Community and Kim’s been a big part of that. The Christmas Party blog post and comments section was brilliant, it actually felt like I’d been to a real party, minus the awkward social situations and trying to take the last chocolate without anyone noticing…

There are lots of other great people who have inspired me to play new games and keep at the old games so thank you to everyone!


30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 17

17: Favourite Antagonist?

I’m not sure about the word ‘favourite’, but I do know who my worst enemy is when it comes to gaming…

Retro Redress logo

That’s right…I’m literally my own worst enemy. Sure, the likes of Robotnik and Bowser may have the most evil schemes, but my lack of focus and ability is what lets them get away with it.

I’ve given up on so many games over the years I’ve lost count. I’ve ignored many great games over the years, games I now need to catch up on. I’ve got myself hung up on ridiculous challenges that I have to complete. I am fighting a war against my own gaming failures.

Therefore, any redress I complete is a victory over my greatest enemy, while any failure is a victory for my foe.

It’s a never ending conflict…

30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 16

16: Game with the best cut scenes?

I struggled with this question, as I’m not usually the biggest fan of cut scenes. I’m a bit impatient and tend to miss details. However, one game did come to mind.

30 Day Challenge 16

Yeah…Mafia III was the game that came to mind. A lot has been said about Mafia III’s gameplay and AI which I agree with. Mafia III is one great mission….played about 300 times. Basically, Lincoln Clay kills enemies. It’s awesome, but it gets old. Throw in the awful AI that can’t see the mountain of enemies Lincoln has killed and it’s a game that can be a battle to finish.

Yet, I did finish it and that was down to the cut scenes. The story was fantastic and this is due to the cut scenes. I loved the representation of the characters (John Donovan is my favourite…a multi faceted character in a video game was a pleasant surprise) and the voice acting. Because of these assets, I felt compelled to see the game through to the end.

I couldn’t play it again though…I think I’m numb to Lincoln Clay stealth kills now….

30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 15

15: Post a screenshot from a game you are playing right now


Here you go….

After finishing up my review of Golden Axe III for The Well-Red Mage, I’m going to get back into Breath Of The Wild.

Technically, I haven’t starting playing it again…the screenshot above is the last one I took from my previous playthrough. However, I want to start tomorrow and that’s where I left Link and Fred (I called his horse Fred), so that’s I’m up to at the moment!

30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 14

14: Current gaming wallpaper?

I’ve never been big on gaming wallpaper, especially if you have to pay for it. That’s money and time that could be spent on games.

I did have an ace The Darkness wallpaper for my XBox 360, that I must have had for years. I really liked the game, enough to look at it’s artwork everyday anyway.

30 Day Challenge 14

At present, I’ve got the Playstation 20th anniversary wallpaper on my PS4 (though FYI, the above image isn’t from my PS4…I’d never buy Knack!) It reminds me of the PS1, I like the floating shapes and most importantly, it was free!

30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 13

13 A game you have played more than five times?

An easy one for me this, there is one game I’ve replayed many times….

30 Day Challenge 13

I’ve absolutely hammered WWF Smackdown. I wasn’t sure of it at first, but I fell in love with the career mode and played the game to death, even re-buying it for the PS2 and PS3 a few years later.

The career mode is simply a big ranking list, where you must work your way to the top. Rising up the rankings gave you the chance to fight for more titles. So 1st – 5th place could compete for the WWF World Title, 1st – 10th could compete for the Intercontinental Title etc.

The goal became to hold as many titles as possible; WWF Smackdown is basically a pro wrestling gold rush. I actually did a tally chart on one play through – it ended with Stone Cold Steve Austin as a 29 time WWF World Champion or something ridiculous.

The gameplay was great too – arcadey, but quite challenging (more so than the sequel, in my opinion) with lots of counters, epic brawling, backstage fights and nerve biting 4 way matches. I use to win the WWF World Title then nervously check my match for the next month, hoping for an easy match…then cursing when I had to defend the title against Austin, Undertaker and Big Show.

I fondly remember my time with WWF Smackdown. So many memories….leading 667, the marine from Hell, to all the gold. Taking the colourful and tattooed luchador El Loco to the WWF Title. Trying to break through the WWF’s glass ceiling with D’Lo Brown, Ken Shamrock and X-Pac. Fighting through the midcard with Hardcore Holly….

I don’t ever need to play WWF Smackdown again, I’ve taken all the enjoyment I can from it. I won’t forget those memories though; few wrestling games have held my attention for as long.

30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 12

12: A game every one should play

It would be easy to pick a well known classic or a personal favourite for this question, but I wanted to pick a game that seems to have been forgotten and is crying out for a remaster/re-release.

30 Day challenge 12

It’s Dungeon Master, the 1987 Atari ST classic. It’s basically an RPG, but with a first person perspective. It blew me away as a kid…spells, levelling up, huge monsters, reincarnating dead party members….compared to Bomb Jack, it was like something from the future. It’s a shame most of my time on it was spent selecting a party at the start….I loved doing that. Finally, I had a great party, was doing really well…then my sister saved over my saved game. Moral of the story? Make your floppy disk stand out as much as possible.

I think everyone should play Dungeon Master because a) it’s awe-inspiring what an Atari ST could do in 1987 and b) it’s a fantastic adventure that needs to be shown to new gamers. I’m no RPG expert, but I know Dungeon Master is an amazing game.

30 Day challenge 12 - A

It’s thirty years old, but I don’t think it’s aged at all. There were some sequels as well as SNES and TurboGrafx-CD versions, but the Dungeon Master series has been dormant for over 20 years now.

I honestly don’t understand why there isn’t a Steam version. In my eyes, it would be a license to print money.