#12 – The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild (Introduction)

The quest begins…


Guilty Party – Retro Redress

Crime – buying one of the most anticipated games of all time on launch day, playing it for a month…then not playing it for three months.

Redress – dedicate a month to completing Breath Of The Wild

So Breath Of The Wild….firstly, I know it’s not a retro game. The reason I’m playing it now is so I can avoid it becoming a Retro Redress i.e. in ten years times, I’m trawling game shops looking for it. It’s like Terminator 2 where John O’Connor has to go back in time to protect his future self by getting the robot that tried to kill him in the first film to protect him….no, wait…my situation is nothing like that.

Ok…then it’s more like Groundhog Day. So many times I’ve bought a classic, an all time great game and simply not got into it or given up on it. Well, I’m breaking the cycle with Breath Of The Wild…I’m going on a quest to explore and complete it.

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31-Day Elemental Challenge – Day Three: 3D Platformers

Thanks Black Humor Mage! Thought I would be the only one picking Super Mario Sunshine! People either love or hate that game….I’m definitely Team FLUDD though…


Alright enough chit chat. This is the Elemental Challenge Day Three and that can only mean 3D platformers. Early 3D had… somewhat of a rough start but it was a fledgling technological trend that needed to find its footing quickly for the fifth generation of home consoles. The easiest way to plow ahead while relying on the success of the past was clearly to adapt the then-popular 2D platformer genre to three-dimensional play. The results weren’t always spectacular what with camera issues and not every franchise being successful in their transfer from 2D to 3D (*cough hack* Sonic *cough*). I assert that late 16-bit games have aged a LOT better than early 3D ones but 3D platformers eventually came into their own and there are some really fantastic games that came out of the step forward after all.

These are just some of our favorites…

FF3-NES-Summoner2.png The Green Screen Mage


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31-Day Elemental Challenge – Day Two: 2D Platformers

Day 2 of the 31-Day Elemental Challenge sees the mages pick their favourite 2D platformers.

Again, some good choices there!


Welcome back, NPCs, for Day Two of our month-long self-imposed Challenge! Yesterday we stepped into our transportive chronometer and went back in time to the arcades. Today, we haven’t gotten much further forward in history as we’ll be addressing 2D platformers and talking up our favorites in that category.  We are assuredly plowing forward through time but 2D plats are evidently a big part of our childhoods and a big part of the past. Though we’ll still see new ones now and then hit the market, today’s list is like the 90’s with Sonic versus Mario all over again.

FF3-NES-Summoner2.png  The Green Screen Mage

Sonic the Hedgehogis by far one of my favorite 2D Platformer games. Granted, I never beat the game, but I was pretty young and I spent hours running and jumping through levels. Eggman was just so hard!


blackmage  The Black Humor Mage

Yoshi’s Island has…

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31-Day Elemental Challenge – Day One: Arcade Games

Hey people,

I was recently offered the chance to be a mage…that’s not really something you can say no to, is it?

So I’m going to be writing at the excellent Well-Red Mage site, under the guise of The Hopeful Handheld Mage. It’s a great chance for me to play more handheld games, so thanks to Well-Red Mage for offering me the opportunity!

My first piece of Mage duty was getting involved with the 31 Day Elemental Challenge. The goal is to list our favourite games from each genre in July, starting with arcade games!

Some great shouts here – Crazy Taxi is one I’d forgotten about but is a brilliant game!

I’ll be posting each day of the challenge on Retro Redress, however if you want to play along and post your picks, feel free to post your comments on the Well-Red Mage page!


Hello, NPCs, and welcome to the second annual 31-Day Challenge! This year, we’re taking an Elemental Challenge by our powers combined: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart! …Uh okay, wrong elements. We’re talking about game genres today, not environmentalist agitprop cartoons from the 90’s.

The rules are simple, if you’d like to participate with us in the event: Every day you’re challenged to name your favorite game in a specific genre for thirty-one days in a row. Leave your nominations in the comments below. You cannot mention a game you’ve already used in a previous day. Can you name a game for every genre on our list? Keep up if you can! Let’s begin…


For many of players alive today, gaming started in the arcades. These air conditioned, dimly lit havens were local after-school and weekend meccas for games of all shapes and sizes. A…

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#11 – Shadow Dancer

Carry on dancing…

Guilty Party – Retro Redress

Crime – Getting to the last boss of Shadow Dancer then giving up

Redress – Play Shadow Dancer again and finally beat that last boss!

I’ve got a great affection for Shadow Dancer, the 1990 follow up to Revenge of Shinobi. Shadow Dancer may not have garnered the critical acclaim of Revenge of Shinobi but for me it’s an important game. I first played it in 2002. At this point in time, I was disillusioned with games and had fallen into a gaming malaise. My only console was a PS2 and I used it solely to play Pro Evolution Soccer. Nothing else.

That autumn, I was getting bored of Pro Evolution Soccer and having been talking to my friends about games, decided to buy some older consoles. One of my pick ups was a Mega Drive 2, Altered Beast (we’ll get to Altered Beast another day) and Shadow Dancer. I wasn’t expecting much from Shadow Dancer – I’d owned the Master System version as a kid and hadn’t been impressed. However Mega Drive Shadow Dancer captured my imagination right away. Several late nights were spent fighting through the Union Lizard army until I finally got to the last boss. Then I stopped playing Shadow Dancer. I can’t remember why I stopped playing, I just quit. Cold turkey.

It’s time to put that right. I’m going back to Shadow Dancer and I’m going to complete it.

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#10 – Garou: Mark Of The Wolves

Hungry like the wolf…

Guilty Party – Retro Redress

Crime – Being a big fan of Garou: Mark Of The Wolves…but only playing as Freeman.

Redress – Play as the other characters and find one I like enough to complete the arcade mode with.


I’ve always loved Garou: Mark of The Wolves. Early 2007, I started a new job in Manchester and was on a training course in the city centre. Standard 9-5 hours, nothing exciting…until I discovered an arcade at Piccadilly Gardens. The arcade had two video game machines – one was a Tekken 3 unit, the second was  a MAME emulator in a sitdown arcade unit. This machine had every 80’s/90’s arcade game on it and for 50p a go, I was happy to explore all it’s games. Then one day I came across Garou: Mark of The Wolves. I had heard about this great fighting game, a game that hadn’t been ported to home consoles on these shores and I knew I had to try it. I fell in love with it straight away. Beautiful 2D graphics, slick fighting and a character I became obsessed with straight away, Freeman.

GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES_20170618212004

I love playing as Freeman. Sinister, violent serial killer with special moves named after heavy metal songs? That’s an easy sell to me. Problem is, I’ve never tried to buy anything else. Since I started playing Garou, I’ve always played as Freeman. In that arcade? Freeman, on my lunch breaks and after work. Xbox 360 version? Freeman, offline, online, all the time. So now I’ve got the PS4 version, I want to redress that short sighted mistake. I want to play as the other characters and learn more about this great game. What I’ve done is just experience one aspect of a great piece of art, kinda like buying Master of Puppets and just listening to Battery on repeat.

It’s time to play as the other characters and find out what the other characters are like. Will I find one I like more than Freeman? What can this redress teach me about Garou? It’s time to find out…

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#9 – California Games

California dreaming….

Guilty Party – Retro Redress

Crime – Assuming California Games is one of the best games on the Master System…despite the fact I haven’t played it for nearly ten years.

Redress -Replay California Games, event by event, to see if it is as good as I remember.

Ever hear the term ‘rose-tinted glasses?’ The game I think of when I hear that phrase is California Games. I loved it as a kid and have actually called it one of the Master System’s best games as an adult. However…I haven’t played it in years, back at the height of my retro game collecting in 2008/09. Since then, my game playing horizons have expanded…I’ve played great games that have made me re-evaluate what I want from gaming…GTA V, No More Heroes, Castlevania, Burnout Paradise, Fire Emblem Awakenings…the list goes on. Does California Games hold up after playing all these games? Was it ever that good to begin with?

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