New Japan Honor Rising Thoughts

For those not familiar, New Japan’s Honor Rising shows are joint shows with American wrestling company Ring Of Honor (ROH) in Tokyo. There’s a decent line up over the two nights, though the main events with Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi facing the Bullet Club are of most interest to me. I’m not too familiar with ROH, so this is a good chance for me to watch some of their wrestlers.

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#24 – Grand Theft Auto III (Part 3)

Part 1 and 2 are here….

So it’s happening again…how do I get distracted from GTA III? Since I last played it, nearly a week ago, I’ve been ill, feeding my ice cream addiction, watching New Japan Pro Wrestling (well, falling asleep during New Japan Pro Wrestling…I’ll have some New Beginning thoughts up at some point) and just browsing the internet…wasting time like I usually do.

Well, no more. I’m going to beat GTA III, I’m determined. I’ve realised that it might take me more than the month I originally thought. That’s fine by me…let’s see what Joey wants us to do….

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Blogger Appreciation Award

We were very kindly nominated for another award by Matt Doyle Media – a cool blog ran by the friendly Mr Doyle himself. I enjoy Matt’s writing, it covers a lot of bases, from wrestling to TV to video games, even interviews and anime. The post that got me following Matt’s writing was a post about about Music 2000, the PS1 music maker that a generation of us wasted our lives on, trying to be like Trent Reznor. No, it didn’t work out for me either….

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Secret Valentine Community Event

Recently, Ian from Adventure Rules invited bloggers to a social event, one themed for the month of February. An event for Valentines Day, where the premise was to write a blog post showing your appreciation for a fellow blogger, randomly assigned by Ian. So with no further ado….

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Games that never made it to 3D…Sega Edition

As the Sega obsessive among the Mages, I offered to look at three franchises that never made it to 3D on the Sega side of the fence…continuing the countdown that The Well-Red Mage began….

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#24 – Grand Theft Auto III (Part 2)

For Part 1, click here

After taking Friday night off (I caught up on the Kota Ibushi/Kenny Omega reunion over some ice cream), I went back to Liberty City. I’m determined to beat GTA III and I think I know how to do it – be methodical. I’m going to work through the missions logically and not get drawn into any silly stuff, like police chases and random fights.

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#24 – Grand Theft Auto 3 (Part 1)

Welcome (back) to Liberty City….

Guilty Party – Retro Redress

Crime – failing to progress beyond the first island despite owning GTA III four times over 16 years.

Redress – play and complete the damn thing, to stop myself ever buying it again.

So here it is…the first big test for Retro Redress….

When I started doing this blog, GTA III was one of the games I had in mind. I alluded to it during the 30 Day Video Game Challenge – it’s a game that I have had ample time and opportunity to complete and I’ve failed each and every time.

However, I’m ready now. I’m prepared and I’m dedicated. I’ve given myself a month to defeat this game and finally mark it off my backlog. GTA III has been on my backlog before I even knew what a backlog was…that’s how long it’s been on my mind for.

So let’s do this….I’m playing the PS2 Classic version on the PS4. I still own the Steam version on PC, but it’s not the most stable and, even though I’m using a PS4 pad on the PC, the controls don’t quite feel right.

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