I usually check my phone for notifications from WordPress on my way out of work. As I left the building and headed into the cold, I saw I had a message I wasn’t expecting.

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WWE Fastlane Thoughts

Fastlane is the WWE’s last stop before Wrestlemania and now I’m over the stress of watching one of my cats climbing a high garage roof in our neighborhood, I’m ready to watch Fastlane and jot down some thoughts…

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#24 – Grand Theft Auto III (Part 5)

After the frustration of Part 4, I decided to regroup and try again. I need to stay calm and keep my focus. I know that if I stick to my plan of methodically working through missions, I can beat this game. I just need to stick to the plan…

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A new month already? 2018 is flying by.

I think the above picture might be a bit optimistic – the north of England is covered in snow at the moment. It’s dark, cold and very slippery. It’s not terribly inspiring for writing either – it makes me just want to curl up in a warm place and sleep….

However there is no such option. Too many things to do, too many plans. Let’s put up that amended goal list from February...

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