The Unique Blogger Award

Hello all!

Thanks to Games With Coffee, Retro Redress has actually been nominated for an award! I’m pretty shocked – I never thought the words ‘Retro Redress’ and ‘award’ would ever be seen in the same sentence. Nevertheless, thanks to Games With Coffee, this blog can technically call itself an award winner. As someone who’s only been writing for a little while, that’s really encouraging and another reminder of how much I’m enjoying being part of this community.

There are some rules to follow should you be nominated, so let’s look at them.

  1. Display the award



2. Thank the individual(s) who have nominated you and include a link to their blog. A little promotion for their blog is also welcome.

No problem! Thank you Coffee With Games – it’s much appreciated! I don’t drink coffee, but I did enjoy an Espresso Shot that made me want to buy Sonic Mania. Maybe one day, when I finish Sonic 1,2,3 and CD?

3. Answer the questions asked by the individual who has nominated you.

  1. What qualities or characteristics in a villian from your favourite game or series do you admire and why?

Great question…I guess its’ the cool factor. I guess someone like M.Bison would be a good example. The cloak he starts the fight off with, the fact he can fly, his awesome ‘Psycho Power’ attacks…he’s basically a badass.

2. If you could choose any character from any video game to become for a day, who would you choose and what (with their special abilities or powers)would you do in that timeframe?

East one that…Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes. I could happily spend a day watching wrestling, cruising around Santa Destroy and battering assassins with a beam katana. Travis’ power to stomach mundane jobs would come in handy too…I’d have to make some money for food for the day!

3. In your mind, what constitutes a Mature, Distinguished Gamer?

Someone who is experienced in playing and understanding games, yet is open to new experiences. Someone who respects the past, yet is excited about the future. Someone who can engage in debate with others and widen his own and their horizons.

The last point probably rules me out. I’d say The Well-Red Mage is a good example of this, but there are many others out there on WordPress!

4. Nominate an arbitrary number of bloggers and have them answer three questions you put forth to them.

Who to choose and why?

1 – Dylan at Sega Does – for spreading the Sega love

2 – i heart old games – for showing and discussing a fine games collection

3 – Double Jump for the fun gaming discussions

4 – Defy The Majority for inspiring me to try the 30 Day Video Game Challenge

5 – Launches Joypadfor understanding how easy it is to score on the original FIFA game…

6 – The Dragon’s Tea Partyfor sharing my platforming shame….

7 – AlunaRLfor some fun discussions….

Three questions? Ok…in the spirit of Retro Redress…

  1. What is the one game that you just can’t beat? A game that you enjoy playing and have devoted lots of time to, but just can never get to the end?
  2. What game do you think is underrated? A personal favorite that no-one appreciates?
  3. What is the gaming challenge you would most like to complete? Is there one specific mission or collectible you want to get? Is it a personal thing that you always wanted to do, just to say you did it?

Again, thank you to Coffee With Games and I’ll see you all on the flipside….



Author: retroredress

A blog dedicated to dealing with video game regrets and setting some failures right

18 thoughts on “The Unique Blogger Award”

  1. Awesome answers! M.Bison is a good choice – he’s a badass for sure! And I agree, Well-Red Mage is an excellent example of a mature, distinguished gamer. Congratulations again, keep up the good work!


  2. Congrats on getting The Unique Blogger Award, you definitely deserve it! I love reading your blog! I’m flattered by your nomination as well! I have a few other blog posts planned, then I will be sure to get to your questions! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well done on the award and thanks for the nomination! These are good questions, so let’s hope these are good answers!
    1) The one game I can’t beat is Super Mario Bros. on the NES, I have tried several times but jumpy jumpy games, (as I call them), frustrate me to the point of needing to walk away for several months to get over them! I also haven’t beat the original Just Cause on the XBox 360 and that was due to my style of playing which completely forgot about using the grappling hook. Somehow I managed to get to the end, which is just chaos, but I die in about 2 minutes. Looking at several YouTube clips I realise now that I need to use the grappling hook to complete it and I just can’t get used to the controls now! So I either start again, playing with the ‘correct’ strategy or call it a day. I spent 40 odd hours and I’ve probably got everything I wanted from it, so I doubt I’ll ever finish it!
    2) I think the original Dead Rising is underrated as many just couldn’t get over the numerous bugs, but I think if you perservere it’s one of the smartest, funniest and exciting games out there. Rastan on the Master System is also underrated, but I like this game purely on a personal level. It’s by no means a classic, the jumping is awful, but it was one of the first games I can remember on the Master System, (or indeed any system!) and I spent hours on it.
    3) My gaming challenge is the basis of my blog, find a game that does not get to a point where I want to launch my joypad! I must say, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch is as close to perfect as I’ve ever played, but thankfully the confusing menu system, especially mid battle, means my search continues! I don’t think the perfect game exists, but I’m happy with that as it gives me an excuse to keep gaming and to keep blogging!

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    1. Thanks! Some great answers there!

      Rastan! I put hours into that one too as a kid…finally hitting like, level four and thinking “Yeah, I’m beat.” You’re right , it had really fussy jumping but it was oddly addictive.

      I’ve enjoyed your search for the perfect game so far, long may it continue!


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