30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 13

13 A game you have played more than five times?

An easy one for me this, there is one game I’ve replayed many times….

30 Day Challenge 13

I’ve absolutely hammered WWF Smackdown. I wasn’t sure of it at first, but I fell in love with the career mode and played the game to death, even re-buying it for the PS2 and PS3 a few years later.

The career mode is simply a big ranking list, where you must work your way to the top. Rising up the rankings gave you the chance to fight for more titles. So 1st – 5th place could compete for the WWF World Title, 1st – 10th could compete for the Intercontinental Title etc.

The goal became to hold as many titles as possible; WWF Smackdown is basically a pro wrestling gold rush. I actually did a tally chart on one play through – it ended with Stone Cold Steve Austin as a 29 time WWF World Champion or something ridiculous.

The gameplay was great too – arcadey, but quite challenging (more so than the sequel, in my opinion) with lots of counters, epic brawling, backstage fights and nerve biting 4 way matches. I use to win the WWF World Title then nervously check my match for the next month, hoping for an easy match…then cursing when I had to defend the title against Austin, Undertaker and Big Show.

I fondly remember my time with WWF Smackdown. So many memories….leading 667, the marine from Hell, to all the gold. Taking the colourful and tattooed luchador El Loco to the WWF Title. Trying to break through the WWF’s glass ceiling with D’Lo Brown, Ken Shamrock and X-Pac. Fighting through the midcard with Hardcore Holly….

I don’t ever need to play WWF Smackdown again, I’ve taken all the enjoyment I can from it. I won’t forget those memories though; few wrestling games have held my attention for as long.


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10 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 13”

  1. Smackdown 2 was a fixture during drunken evenings at university, primarily for its character creator — which, to be honest, I’ve yet to see matched in a wrestling game. We made everything from ourselves to a convincing rendition of Mr Burns from The Simpsons and an utterly disgusting malformed, bulging freak who looked more like he belonged in a survival horror game. I didn’t really get into the career side of things — I still don’t really “get” wrestling — but many hours of multiplayer fun were had.

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    1. That’s the great thing about wrestling games – anyone can play them! Diehards like me or casual/not bothered people like my friends.

      It’s always fun to make up silly characters and sent them into battle. Around one WWE game (12?) I watched an 80’s horror film called Manic Cop, made a CAW of the main character…then watched as he ran out and beat The Rock up so badly, The Rock needed a stretcher!


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