30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 8

8: Best Soundtrack?

This was a tough question for me because there are many games I think have amazing music.

30 Day Challenge 8

However, for consistency, I’ve gone with Super Hang On. Sure, there are only four tunes to select from, but they are all amazing. I love their urgency – a motorcycle game needs songs that suit the speed of the action and Sega have nailed it here

30 dat challenge 8-b

I will say though – the Mega Drive version’s soundtrack is a bit too soft and piano based for me; I was raised on the Atari ST’s grungy blast of noise.  You can’t go wrong either way though…


Author: retroredress

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3 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 8”

  1. I was going to state the usual Streets of Rage or Out Run. But actually my favourite soundtrack is Robocop on the 128k Spectrum. It was that good Ariston used it on their adverts.

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    1. Nice! Don’t remember RoboCop – will have to have a look for it and give it a listen.

      Outrun missed out by a flea’s wing. Love that soundtrack, but Super Hang On has a more rocky soundtrack and that’s what made me pick it.


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