30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 4

Day 4: Your guilty pleasure game?

This was a tough question for me – I don’t really have a ‘guilty pleasure’ game. I’ll happily play most games and quite enjoy naff games.

However, thinking about it, there is a terrible game I’ve loved over the years and I would probably still play, if I had the means.

30 day challenge 4

When I was a kid with a Master System, I was obsessed with fighting games and wanted to get Alien Storm. The Alien Storm I wanted was the arcade game, with it’s big graphics, three characters and frantic action. The Alien Storm I got was the hopeless Master System port, with it’s tiny graphics, clunky gameplay and awful soundtrack. The Master System generally struggles with big Sega arcade ports and Alien Storm is a prime example.

However, back in those days, you made do. So I gritted my teeth, cracked my knuckles and gave Master System Alien Storm a go…and found myself enjoying it. I couldn’t beat Master System Alien Storm, but I had a good go, invested some decent time into it and had some good times with it. I’m actually quite conflicted about Master System Alien Storm – yes, it’s rubbish but it’s rubbish that entertained me back when I didn’t have many games. You know when you have that friend or family member who you think is an idiot, but will defend against any criticism from others outside your social circle/immediate family? Alien Storm on the Master System is my 8-bit equivalent.

I have the Mega Drive version of Alien Storm on Steam and I really like it but…I kinda miss the Master System version. To this game, I will still often hum the Master System’s pained rendition of the soundtrack (even with awful synth drums….duf duf duf duf duf!) and fondly remember playing a game that I have a real love/hate relationship with…


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15 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 4”

  1. I’ve played the Mega Drive version of this too, but I suspect the Master System wouldn’t be able to cope with anything even close to it. It was an issue in those days really, as those weaker systems tried to put out their own versions of arcade games without having nearly enough power to pull it off.


    1. You’d be exactly right – the Master System suffered lots of bad arcade ports from Sega.

      To be far to the Master System, it could do reasonable ports…it was Sega fault, trying to impress Master System owners with amazing graphics, which then crippling the rest of the game!

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