Elemental Challenge Day Thirty: Retro Games


Welcome, NPCs, to the second to the last day of our month-long 31-Day Elemental Challenge! We’ve come to it at last: the Retro games category. At once we’re confronted with the difficulties of having to define our terms. Problem is that terms like classic, retro, vintage, old school and the like get thrown around a lot without much general consensus on what they mean, or any authority on them to help with their definitions, for that matter. So the question remains, what counts as retro and what doesn’t?

Personally, I’ve come up with what I think is a reasonable definition for retro. You may have encountered it here on this blog before, or maybe you haven’t. Please indulge me: I think a rational cut-off point for “retro” is at the start of the 5th generation of consoles, at the end of the 4th gen with the SNES and the Sega…

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Author: retroredress

A blog dedicated to dealing with video game regrets and setting some failures right

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