#10 – Garou: Mark Of The Wolves

Hungry like the wolf…

Guilty Party – Retro Redress

Crime – Being a big fan of Garou: Mark Of The Wolves…but only playing as Freeman.

Redress – Play as the other characters and find one I like enough to complete the arcade mode with.


I’ve always loved Garou: Mark of The Wolves. Early 2007, I started a new job in Manchester and was on a training course in the city centre. Standard 9-5 hours, nothing exciting…until I discovered an arcade at Piccadilly Gardens. The arcade had two video game machines – one was a Tekken 3 unit, the second was  a MAME emulator in a sitdown arcade unit. This machine had every 80’s/90’s arcade game on it and for 50p a go, I was happy to explore all it’s games. Then one day I came across Garou: Mark of The Wolves. I had heard about this great fighting game, a game that hadn’t been ported to home consoles on these shores and I knew I had to try it. I fell in love with it straight away. Beautiful 2D graphics, slick fighting and a character I became obsessed with straight away, Freeman.

GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES_20170618212004

I love playing as Freeman. Sinister, violent serial killer with special moves named after heavy metal songs? That’s an easy sell to me. Problem is, I’ve never tried to buy anything else. Since I started playing Garou, I’ve always played as Freeman. In that arcade? Freeman, on my lunch breaks and after work. Xbox 360 version? Freeman, offline, online, all the time. So now I’ve got the PS4 version, I want to redress that short sighted mistake. I want to play as the other characters and learn more about this great game. What I’ve done is just experience one aspect of a great piece of art, kinda like buying Master of Puppets and just listening to Battery on repeat.

It’s time to play as the other characters and find out what the other characters are like. Will I find one I like more than Freeman? What can this redress teach me about Garou? It’s time to find out…

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#9 – California Games

California dreaming….

Guilty Party – Retro Redress

Crime – Assuming California Games is one of the best games on the Master System…despite the fact I haven’t played it for nearly ten years.

Redress -Replay California Games, event by event, to see if it is as good as I remember.

Ever hear the term ‘rose-tinted glasses?’ The game I think of when I hear that phrase is California Games. I loved it as a kid and have actually called it one of the Master System’s best games as an adult. However…I haven’t played it in years, back at the height of my retro game collecting in 2008/09. Since then, my game playing horizons have expanded…I’ve played great games that have made me re-evaluate what I want from gaming…GTA V, No More Heroes, Castlevania, Burnout Paradise, Fire Emblem Awakenings…the list goes on. Does California Games hold up after playing all these games? Was it ever that good to begin with?

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#8 – World Cup Italia ’90

Express yourself, it’s one on one…

Guilty Party – Retro Redress

Crime – hating World Cup Italia ’90…yet not being able to remember if he’s played a full match on it.

Redress – Play a full match on World Cup Italia ’90 and give it a fair chance.

If you ever ask me what I think the worst games of all time are, I always bring up World Cup Italia ’90. It’s often the butt of my jokes on Twitter and I will savage it to anyone who dares bring it up. The thing is though… I actually can’t remember finishing a full match on it.  I remember disliking WCI90 as a kid but I haven’t played it in donkey’s years. Surely it’s unfair to make fun of it, given these circumstances?

It’s time to give World Cup Italia ’90 a fair chance. Is it as bad as I remember? Or did my impatient younger self just not appreciate it?

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#7 – Mario Kart 8


Guilty Party –  Retro Redress

Crime – Not winning the 200cc trophies because I found it too hard and gave up

Redress – win all the 200cc trophies in four days

I’m a big fan of Mario Kart and have beaten most of the titles in the series, but the 200cc series on Mario Kart 8 have me stumped. So stumped that I stopped playing Mario Kart 8 completely. However, with all the talk over the new and improved Switch version, it’s time to dig the Wii U out again.

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#6 – Columns

Sometimes, you have to make some time in your life for a game…

Guilty Party – Retro Redress

Crime – never playing Columns for more than ten minutes at a time.

Redress – Spend an hour playing Columns

Ah Columns…of all the games on the (enormous) Redress list, Columns is one I tend to forget about. See, I like Columns and do play it a fair bit…but only for five, ten minutes at a time. I always treat Columns as a ‘starter’ or a warm up for other games I own. I take Columns for granted – it’s always happy for me to halfheartedly play it for ten minutes, then move on to something more ‘exciting’. Columns is that person who doesn’t complain, goes with the flow and always appreciates my fleeting attention. Can you imagine Breath of The Wild doing that? Hell, Animal Crossing would shout at you for treating it like that!

Well, I’m going to change that. Today I’m going to spoil Columns. I’ve dedicated an hour to just playing Columns. No distractions, no plans to play any other games…I’m giving Columns some special time. I was going to light some candles too, but I’m prone to falling asleep on my couch at night…I don’t want the headline ‘Man burned to death playing Columns’’ to be my epitaph…

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Radio Sega Interview

Upcoming interview with Radio Sega, tonight at 8pm!

Hey people,

I recently did an interview with David at Radio Sega. If you want to hear me try and explain some of the thinking behind Retro Redress and my love of Sega stuff, then the interview is on at 8pm tonight. You can listen via http://radiose.ga/listen

I will apologise for my monotone voice and bad jokes now. Radio Sega is a cool site though so I implore you to check it out!

I’m hoping to be back in a few days with another redress blog, a different one than I had planned. Let’s just say my original ‘Sensible’ game choice is taking longer than I thought it would….


#5 – The Flintstones

Literally watching paint dry

Guilty Party – Grandslam Interactive

Crime – thinking that gamers would want to play a level that involves painting a wall

Redress – play said level to help explain why we don’t want to play a level about painting a wall

The Flintstones, published for the Master System in 1988, is notorious with Master System obsessives for being boring. Not just uneventful, but absolutely tedious. I’d actually forgotten about The Flintstones, until I was painting some fences last week.

If you’re reading this and wondering what my thought process was, well….I was painting some fences and remembered that The Flintstones has a level where you paint a wall. That’s right, Fred Flintstone paints a wall. There’s no wacky goings on, no bright colours, no excitement. Fred has to paint a grey wall a different shade of grey.

…and if that didn’t inspire you to read on, I’m really not sure what will. I’m gonna try this painting level though, so show why painting a wall is a terrible idea for a level in a game.

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